Support and Believe Survivors

The driving purpose of the #MeToo movement is to expose the scope of harassment and assault, so at last survivors can be heard, believed, and supported. Only when we make the cultural shift to believe survivors, rather than question their motives and shame them when they come forward, will we see meaningful accountability on a large scale.

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“We need a system that enables survivors to come forward without shame….And we need to make survivors feel heard, believed, and valued. ” — Shel

“When a woman reports sex harassment believe them until proven untrue!! ” — James

“We need to believe women. Not believing women helped to create that little doubting voice. The one that said, "maybe I was asking for it", "it was just the circumstances", "no one will believe me". That voice that kept people from speaking up sooner. Believing women is the first step. ” — Melissa

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