Fix the Process of Reporting and Getting Justice

This category encompasses a range of solutions that are all about improving criminal justice and workplace reporting systems to make sure women are not silenced. Several submissions mention ending the statute of limitations for sexual assault cases, particularly child sexual abuse, to support survivors' process of coming forward.

“Eliminate the statute of limitations on sexual abuse of children in all states. ” — Linda

Others want law enforcement to improve their handling of sexual assault cases, including processing all rape kits. Many others want to ban non-disclosure agreements used in settlements to make sure survivors can speak publicly if they want to and serial predators can't continue their pattern of abuse.

“Educate law enforcement on how to properly investigate sexual assault and sexual harassment cases. Hold the law enforcement accountable by a larger outside department to monitor their effectiveness and ensure they are investigating fairly and ethically. ” — Samantha

Many users called out Congress' process specifically as a prime example of protecting institutions over survivors. They do not want their taxpayer dollars being used for secret settlements and think the public has the right to know which members of Congress are serial harassers.

“Make public the congresspersons who have used federal funds to silence sexual harassment and abuse victims without naming the victims. We have a right to know which members have used the people’s money to hide behind. ” — Elizabeth L.

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