Hold Trump Accountable

The most popular submission on the site reads, “We can start by removing Trump from office.”

While we look toward solutions to end harassment and assault before it starts, the fact that a sexual predator remains in the White House is a huge reminder that we still have a lot more work to do on the accountability front.

“The first step is for Mr. Trump, who has previously admitted to unwanted sexual overtures toward women, be publicly called out, shamed and subjected to punishment by the American people. He must be held accountable for these and many other crimes. ” — Jacquelyn

The president in particular plays a huge role in setting the tone and priorities for the country. As long as he remains in office with no effort to investigate the accusations against him, our country is getting the message that we can ignore a pattern of abuse and discount the 20 women who have spoken out. And it’s not just a symbolic problem--the Trump administration has been pushing an anti-woman, anti-survivor agenda since day one.

“The leader of a country sets the tone for acceptable behavior. Why is Trump still in office? 16 women have come forward and their complaints have been squelched. If others are facing consequences, why doesn't he? ” — Andrea

That’s why UltraViolet’s first priority in 2018 is pushing Congress to investigate Trump’s disgusting history of assault and harassment and hold him accountable. Sign this petition and join us.

“By being the groper in chief and a man who was accused of raping a 13 year old girl ... and still President of the United States, Donald Trump gives credence to that idea that what other men are doing is okay. He should resign! If he does not, he must be impeached. ” — Tom M.

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